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Do you have or work for a Fair Fashion Brand?
Do you constantly need fresh photo|video Social Media content?

¡Let's work together!

Because is AMAZING that you want to create a better and more sustainable world, but you don't have to do it ALONE!


My mission?

Help you to build a more sustainable world, creating amazing photos or videos that show how great your product is, so you have always compelling content to share on your social media with your customers. 

You need only a Model?

Send me an email and we can arrange a date!

Why should you work me...?

More than 2 years of experience working in Vienna as a Fair Fashion Model/Content Creator.

Creative, Original Work.

We care about the same things, which means that we are trying to build the same type of community.

Fast but beautiful and meaningful content.

What Fair Fashions CEOS are saying...
Screenshot 2021-12-11 at 19.06.19.png

Sissi Vogler

“Happy surprise Carmen, 

I put some of your 

pics in my press and now you are in the Österreich Beilage”  @Refished


Maria Alejandra

“The Video That you did for us went viral, it has 1 million views, thank you so much” @cafuneheadpieces



“These pictures are absolutely stunning, I think I never thought that we would have such good content ever. Even if I hired a professional model and a professional photographer, the pictures would not be as nearly as good as the ones that you provided us here"



"Hey Carmen, we are still obsessed with your pictures, and we would love to work with you again"


Do you want to work together?

Email me so we can discuss more about it!

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